iTems, the way it was meant to be read online; in a crappy, unorganized, coming at you in a non-sequiter manner which is hard to follow : chronologically.

All your random crap from those geniuses at iTems. We've got controversial information, silly things, and stuff; the kind you make bad jokes out of.

Idun J. Fox is inviting guests to iTems to come and have a nice little chat and exposition. There's sure to be laughs and things you can't unsee.

All your favourite commercials and informercials in sequential art form! It's asinine advertising of awesome products and contraversy awareness raising!

Like anime and manga? Good for you! But if you like stories like the ones in them, then come and enjoy the sexuality and dramatic action here!

In a strange, strange land where quests are a hobby, grinding isn't necessarily sexual, and people exist there for no good reason, iTems ventures.

They're coming through the waffle country sir! "AGAIN!?" Yes, it seems so. "Damn! Well, that can't work a third time, can it?" I dunno, sir.

Q, what's with the shoehorn? "Oh it's really a very handy gadget, J. You...You can slip your shoes on in a second with them!" ...Wow! Neat.

We're out of rum, cap'n! "We better go steal some of that weird, ninja alcohol."[Elsewhere] We're out of whiskey and scotch, Gladys! "...Well shit."

2009 Idun J. Fox